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I probably should've cropped the 'smoke' out of this image
A LOT of work went into editing this file! You'll get an idea how hard this was to edit when you see it, after reading that I have to edit video frames one frame at a time by capturing them as jpegs, editing them, then importing them as a batch... that also means that when I edited too many frames before putting them into the project I set aside especially for this video, I had to make sure that the alphabetically added frames with different sets of names were placed in the project timeline in chronological order. Then there were still member's vidcaps to make, and seperate from the edited frames I hadn't deleted yet... This was actually supposed to be one of the very first videos in the update it was set in, but I knew it'd take so long to finish that I just copied the video below it into this spot and planned to come back and do this one later! For all the work I did, she actually wasn't that hot, but man, you might not notice until the end, because that angle set really did wonders for her. The presence of real nice little moments to stop for were a nice touch, too. June 14th, 2009 Update starts here. Big booty surprise! She surprised me with the stupendippidy(I know that's not a word! XD ) of her behind, and I think I surprised her with my behavior. Very sexy and shapely chocolate. I think maybe y'all here normally might like the women bigger than this, but I know there's no doubt you like this fine woman here. I know a lot peeps were talking good about her on my old (now deleted) YouTube channel. Real good. So her hotness cannot be denied. I was a little in denial at first, and you might can tell from how the early part of this vid is, but you probably can't tell just by looking at this page that I was like that, because three-hundred-and-fourty-two seconds is almost six minutes, baby! Got plenty of this one on tape here, and it's all good!
331 sec 39.4 Mb 28 sec 6.82 Mb 342 sec 80.2 Mb
T&A right here for real! Mmm, mmm, mmm! I never thought I'd ever see this hottie again in life, but here she is. I also should never have thought I'd make the same mistake I made when I saw her last time at christmas and mistake her for the woman in the previous Breasts Section Video ever again in life either, but I briefly mistook her for my ex-manager again! At least I realized who I was dealing with a lot sooner this time! I think I did this a pretty smart way this time, too, focusing on her behind first- where I wouldn't get much of her attention- then went for her boobs next. If I'd gone for the overflowing rack first she'd likely've been thinking about me being behind her, or even stalking her, later. I feel I know that from the way she looked over her shoulder when I tried to end this with some booty. The time where the transition from hip to tit's going on is hot because she's got a butt that looks pretty good from in front and above! The Spring Carnival Update: Part 3 starts here. Look at that pinched, cinched waist on her. Just look at it while you watch her hips rock. That's what I was doing while I was pushing the camera into just the right distance range. Just for the little press on the stroller.
282 sec 65.6 Mb 50 sec 9.27 Mb 7 sec 1.05 Mb
Don't let the Large Section looking preview pic fool you into thinking this girl didin't posses one of the nicest asses at the carnival! It was alos nice that her video was one of the only videos from the carnival that didn't need editing, so it's an .ASF file. There're points in some other Carnival Part Two vids where I thought I saw her again, but nope, this is all of her, so I didn't need to edit anything else in. I can only wonder why there's no more of her! Look at her! Did I want to make a no-editing-required video that bad that I couldn't go for more later? She couldn't live up to her own potential, if that makes any sense, but at least I was getting both a Kentucky Fried Chicken (highly appropriate place to make a bbw candid vid) video, and a KFC sandwich here.
49 sec 7.57 Mb 93 sec 19.9 Mb 34 sec 3.44 Mb

I felt this bus driver's brisque responses to my questions about the bus's route seemed just one notch above rude, but that's okay, because she's sexy. I was thinking about a comment one of my neighbors'd made about the 'healthy' bus drivers we have driving these busses all around here the whole time I was on this bus. Well, except for when I was taping her bending over... Now there was something I was complaining about ath the time, but I can barely see what the problem was. So what if I didn't quite point the camera down steep and straight enough at that time I was holding it as I was holding the top bar? It all looks so good to me now, that with the camera's position and way the camera processed the light and put it on her, she actually looks even hotter in this video then she did to my eye in the flesh at the time. I had a bus to catch, and the stop was on the far side of the station, so I just didn't want to get my camera, or my act, together in time. Too bad, because the bus wasn't there yet, and seeing that I only got back to her in time to get a little bit of the good stuff I wanted with her seated there. I turned around and there was her bus. Literally. I think things went downhill from there... but maybe you'll enjoy this video enough that, for you, I will've meant downhill as in the camera pointed downhill at that lower body area you like! White Width.
I was taping the woman who was exiting as this wide-ish not-so-little lady walked in, so I didn't notice her quality 'till I turned around to verify. With the goal in easy reach I figured coming out of this 7-Eleven with footage that needed no editing would happen, but I saw that goal as shot when I started taping the second raw file in here, because this woman's entrance was in the other woman's video and I was like, 'instead of two videos I won't have to edit, that overlap means I'll have to edit both of them!'. When it actually came time to edit the videos for posting though, I couldn't find a reason not to just do what I'd done with 'A little too much story here for such a short video' and simply edit the overlapping part into it's own video and go back to the original raw file and just copy it right off my hard drive as it was. Well, there was a little part of a reason, and that's that I'd trimmed some junk footage off the end of the first woman here's video, and I couldn't remember what I'd trimmed. That could qualify as a reason not to do what I'd done with that other video maybe. Nah. I'm sure there's nothing there that bad, but now that I'm thinking about that video while I'm typing my thoughts, I think I need to go back and edit it anyways, since it did need minimal editing anyway, and I can go back and put a repeat in it... I've really gone off on a rant about the 'Unexpected jouncy sexiness'video, haven't I? Well, to go back and finish talking about this video... You know what? Just check out the wideness and bulge this white woman does have by watching the video.
Know what else? I can't believe I posted this video, thought I forgot to post a video this good somehow, reposted it, then found it and deleted the repost next to 'Look at that pinched, cinched waist' above.
232 sec 29 Mb 117 sec 19.7 Mb 117 sec 14.1 Mb
This video was a reminder to me of why it's fun for a young man to go to a carnival with his girl. Almost made me wish I hadn't come by myself, but if I'd come here with a girl, I'd be spending money instead of making it! They were walking together like a parent and child, with her pulling him around the place, looking at things. Why does that sound great? Come on, you know you want a woman to take the lead every once in a while and you just follow behind her. Big girls are a hard habit to break! (I should know!) She was also a hard woman to tape, but not for the reason you think. I think her best angle was her side, but... well, if you watch this video this video you'll see what was happening. Had she not been at the carnival today, I'd've probably left early and dissappointed, and I know that sightings of her stalled my exit when I was ready to go at the end of the day. She's the third woman I saw that day (I saw her and was like, I better not spoil my chances to get a lot out of her by following her around now already, and by the front gate security. I'll find her again later), and the last one I saw as I left for that day. If only her thighs'd been fatter, I've quadruple posted her video. The Spring Carnival Update: Part 2 starts here. Super Wiggle Super Wary In the Library. Started this vid on an optimistic note since I was able to spot this woman out the window while I was working (I always choose this window because I like the strategic benefits of it's view! I can see incoming bbws before as they approach the building! :) ), and rush into position, but I had to tone that optimism down a bit because this woman looked dead at me not once, not twice, but three times in the time it took her to walk past me! Damn! Wariness already! Did I have something on my face? Oh well. It might have been enough to shorten this vid a bit, but it didn't do a damn thing to the mega jiggle money moment! Plus this vid would've been short anyways. Lucky it came out this long. Lucky for real because I was upstairs filming some completely different women when she reappeared to a completely surprised- but totally prepared- me and practically showed her body off to me. Cautiously added her sitting and working in her second choice spot- the business area was locked- to round out the video. A person on my very short 'VIP-ish people list' got to see this video the day after I shot it in it's completely raw form.
99 sec 23.4 Mb 329 sec 74.1 Mb 149 sec 16.4 Mb
Heading out, bag in hand, for the long trip home, when I get '180'd' by this. Did that 180 about face and looked for the first place I could quietly stuff my purchases because I coudn't carry them with me while I was shooting a candid like this(made sure I kept my reciept so I wouldn't get in trouble when I left the store for real). I wanted to 'thigh' this video too, but she doesn't really have that much in the thighs departments proportionately speaking, does she? I think she's just got this nice, spreading ass, but the fact that I was intending on posting her in the Thighs Section too means I did about the best job I could have with all the angles. I did make a bad judgement call with the part in the cat food aisle, staying too far away because I couldn't believe a woman this sexy came in here with her man just to buy food for the cat and then leave, but that didn't stop this vid from being hot. Nope, not even the fact she was dressed in black could do that, although it did mess up the contreast at the end because my aim wasn't such that the camera would adjust itself to black. I just had to get that final shot the way I did though, because I already knew I'd been getting her real good from the back from the start. It was a little hard for me to believe at the time, but I got over three minutes of footage of her without arousing suspicion in her or her mate, despite the fact I followed them very closely, got frontal shots, and had to cover lots of ground in the store pretty good to make this video. Doesn't look like it from the pic, but it's time to sound the big jiggle alert alarm! There's no way the pic can show you what this mature had going on under that dress while she was walking. You just have to see it in motion and stare in amazement! The younger girl there had some bouncing going on too though, but her's was all over her front. This ssbbw must've been bouncing and heaving in the belly and the boobs to move like that under those clothes, and had she been bustier, she'd have a vid of her own to star in in the Breasts Section. Wasn't stacked enough for that, but she was good enough to guarantee this video'd get double posted and end up in two Blackstreetbbw Site Sections, since it contained too much jiggly, bouncy goodness for just one! For those of you who're feeling blackstreetbbw's outgrown it's current camera, here's a sign I've been feelin' you for a while. Pics and vids here, as you may already know from older video descriptions, videos in updates are always the oldest vids from the future archive, and there's a long delay between the time a vid's shot and the time it's posted, so the fact that this experimental vid's up now means this idea's been cooking for a long time. It probably doesn't look like it from the quality of this vid, but it'd been cooking for a long time before this vid was shot too. I was trying out a new setup to bring you thirty frames per second of animation in exchange for color quality, but said setup practically self destructed, so all that work ammounted to little more than these 'blacklisted' videos, and the good videos I want to bring you have been pushed back into the future. At least this particular video was enjoyable enough to deserve a double posting. Don't fret if you you like this white mature worker though, because there's more of her coming up in the future- with the regular stealth cam you're used to. Like what I did with the preview pic?
202 sec 28.4 Mb 137 sec 24.6 Mb 21 sec 1.75 Mb
This is the first time I had to avoid videotaping a woman's face not for fear of repercussions, but for fear of the ugliness of her face! She also looked like she might have been a little retarded, but at least her behind was nice enough for mature lovers while she was leaning over that cart, waiting for movement instructions from the more-all-there-mentally/caregiver woman with her. "If I buy that blue stuff you're gonna drink it." New Year's '09 Update starts here. Just 'Grandma Grainyba' again.
125 sec 15.8 Mb 33 sec 5.17 Mb 19 sec 1.75 Mb
Is is another awesome example of what I just named just now a 'chain reaction'. The woman who, if you're viewing this via the Large Section is in the previous video let me to this woman- even though that meant going from one store to another- and then this woman led me to a young woman that you'll see her sharing her video with. This all made for a big, and somewhat tough to edit file. I was thinking about the editing issue I'd have later while I was filming this video, trying to just keep the two women in the shoe store I'd never taped a candid in seperate, but maybe I needed to put just a little more effort into it. Not too much though. Not so much that it could cause me to miss a shot! I was working hard enough with the challenge of not missing hot shots with the other woman in the store! I need two cameras... There are three Food Lions on this street, and I thought I should hit them all today on my way down it, looking for women like this... or better. This is the one I found in the middle Food Lion, but she must've found me and found me very suspect looking very early right away! Did she see me coming around the aisle from the other end, before I even knew she was there? Well, that cut my video, and my stay in this store short. I already had a nice, skirt swaying mature ass vid, and I wasn't going to buy anything, so I left before I set off too many danger flags in the store. Didn't act fast enough to make this the good rump video it should've been, but shot it anyway because it featured her with a baby on her hip. Yes, you heard that right. And now that you're thinking about that, how many times have you seen a blackstreetbbw subject doing that?
291 sec 47.4 Mb 152 sec 25.7 Mb 23 sec 4.57 Mb
Young shorty only looked this good from this close, so I had to stay this close! Originally thought this could be posted without editing, but the little glimpses of her at the beginning that had to be edited in, and the littls shots of someone else that had to be edited out prevented that. I knew this woman was on her way in, so I rushed to get ready, but I was only about 85% ready in advance, so that juicy frontal shot that'd show off the way her behind bulged out to be seen from her front, only came in at about 85% quality. She and her man turned around, then turned again, leaving me so psyched out that I missed my only chances for full redemption. And they came so quickly too! This whole video would've been much different- and much shorter- if that shot at redemption'd been on target. I ended up spending all the rest of this time walking all over the library, waiting for the impossible frontal shots. I made great use of every candid camera moment they were allowing me, starting at the beginning. I just never got a frontal. And boy, did I go through a lot for one. The killer was that I was so still so sure that they'd just be dropping off books and leaving that I stood outside the door instead of inside, where I'd get my last chance at that frontal. I was out there in the hall by the water fountain when they went further inside, and I spent a lot of time at that fountain during the making of the downstairs portion of this vid. Not wanting to look too bad to them, I thought I should look like I'm wandering the library, and what better way to get out of sight then leave the area completely. Plus, that way, if they made thier exit while I was out wandering, I'd be right there by the water fountain then to catch it. They didn't leave though. They went upstairs, and that's where the best, and worst parts of this video were shot. That's also where my active attempts to do this but stay out of trouble officially failed me! They began when she was seperated from her beau. I was trying to stay behind her, and out of his sight, but I know he shot a look or two right at me while he was over there looking for something. When they sat together, I stayed far away looking at magazines (making sure I wasn't standing in front of blank spots in the shelves!). When he left his wifey's side, I moved in for the kill- knowing that kill could turn around be the kill of me! I was about to go limp with that part, but then I was like, 'I've come too far to turn back now, I have to turn around and do that right!'
At some point(s) during all this, it'd looked like the man'd gone off to have a little talk with library staff. I just hoped for the best. Then they did what seemed to be tricks. I thought they were leaving, but then they turned and went upstairs. When it looked like they were leaving for the day they really got me. I saw both of them go to the elevator to go down, but after running down to meet 'them' I only saw 'him'. Two went over, but only one went down, and he went to the security guard! In the end I went back upstairs to tape his woman while he reported my odd behavior to the staff. She seemed pretty cool under my, uh, 'pressure', chatting softly with the librarian about a poodle (I think), as I made my effort at playing it safe that I should've just given up on. Was that staffer looking at me? This video ended when I was wandering away from that glance, and the boss man of the library approaches me. I see him coming and say to myself, "Uh oh. This could be it." And it was. He called me to tell me he'd recieved reports that I'd been following people around the library, and if he got any more complaints I'd have to leave the library. I went back to minding the business on my computer I'd come over. Then guess what? I was sitting back at my laptop, and I finally see them leaving out the window. All that messing around I'd gone through waiting for that, and when it finally did happen... I still lost that frontal.
There she is again, at a Food Lion grocery this time! Awesome! I was on an uncommon winning streak in this Food Lion, so I decided to fly! I also managed to bring you some seriously beautiful booty motion this time. In fact, I got everything out of this sighting, really. I just had to start sharing versions of this on the 'net before it dropped here on blackstreetbbw, but the best version is the one you're seeing here. I like finding a woman like this that I've taped before again at another location, instead of the local Wal-Mart, and for some dumb reason I found it interesting that she had some much smaller, younger female with her this time too. If she'd been the one who'd been with her before, I could've used her presence to tell that big[white] mama was coming, because I'd seen her outside talking to this dude she'd run into about his music he was recording. When the bigger woman walked up, I went into the store to do what I had to do right quick, then hurried outside to stash my chicken as the thin chick, having given her contact info to the man, walked in. I wanted to have my cake (or in this case, hot fried chicken!) and eat it too, so I hid the chicken I'd just purchased and was eating when this all started behind the water jug filling machine out there, before going in to really do this. I especially needed to not lose my chicken because I wasn't going to buy those chips I had at the end, or anything else from this store besides that tasty chicken. I can only think of one thing I didn't exectute perfectly in this video, and that's the way I pointed the aimed the cam as she slid her big hipped body between two food displays. That could have been perfect, and made this video flawless. Even the editing was on point here. The repeats are just right and the quality is good. I fast forwarded through the long range part without losing a thing (first time I ever liked the fast forward result to use it without a normal speed pass), and there's a 'fun' part where the cam's going bonkers- because it's on the handlebar of a cart I was pushing for security reasons, not because I was going bonkers!
220 sec 39.4 Mb 668 sec 95.1 Mb 401 sec 66.3 Mb
I was far away from home with a post office near my destination, so I'd brought my mail along with me and in here. I got extra time to get all the shots right- which was important, because the magic here was in the positions of she and the cam, not the size- because she'd come down here from New York to set up a life, and was in here with her 7-Eleven job application and a problem recieving her mail down here. Her mail was going to New York, but her ass was down here ;). I notcied something in the older woman[her mama?]'s hair and used brining it to her attention to improve the video of the other. She showed a little crack too, but the key word is little, both for hugeness of ass and of crack show. I'd really liked the way the main woman here was standing, so I was hoping the line would hurry up so I could get the shot I wanted without getting out of line. I made the most of my time in line IMO, but just as the checkout experience finally ended, so did the thing I was waiting to close in on! At least it wasn't a big deal. Just a nice position from a nice angle. I have to get more of those for this site, so getting finished in line five seconds earlier would've improved blackstreetbbw that little bit. I tried to make up for that lack of improvement there by taping little bits of her loading her car to leave. Fun enough, but not enough. Not quite. I like this video though. Nice Curve 2: But not as nice as I wished. She sure rocks that uniform well though, with that body of hers.
279 sec 21.9 Mb 324 sec 45.7 Mb 116 sec 17.8 Mb
Such a wonderful sight to see, especially in motion, so why isn't there more of her? Dangerous risk. There was a particular employee I had to watch out for nearby, and this woman seemed to get with my program as soon as it started. I didn't want her to get too uncomfortable with me being in that uncomfortable position. Be glad like I was that I found her again in the safer area she was going to, at a safer time, to squeeze a little extra length, and that this video gets straight to it, so extra clip length isn't an absolute neccessity. I was busy opening 'Yet another case where making the smart choice' when I had to zoom away after what I saw passing the aisle! I high tailed it away to tail her as well as I possibly could, with optimum close-ups as my goal. Close-ups were extra important here due to the color of her pants. Didn't want to lose any of her sweet hip motion. Almost everything else you need to know about what went down here is in the dialog, so turn the sound up like I did (I raised the volume of her speaking parts so you could hear it better.) to hear it. Was she talking to me, or someone she met in the store when she said "Oh, I see you!"? Never got a concrete answer to that, but I did get the gall to shoot her ass in line, and that's where you get to hear everything else. Just so you know, My words then were, "I just came in here to grab something right quick on my way down the road." and "I'm just gonna get this here and get the rest of what I need from the Bottom Dollar." Now that you know that, just watch the video and you should be able to find the blanks to insert those quotes in. This is a clip to watch- and hear- if you wonder what life is like for a candid videographer. Teen at ten o'clock! (Literally ten o'clock p.m.!). Shooting this video of this playful, shapely teen was too much fun- and too sexy- to pass on! I even got the chance to see her run, but of course running shots always fail unless she's running towards me (To date, I've never gotten one of those shots to work!), or if I'm on my bike, so that part was just fun, not hot. I put up this original pic here because I was going to take my time in posting vidcaps, but I think I'll keep the watermarked pic up for this video, and the previous one, instead of scanning vids and vidcaps for better pics. Gotta use somewatermarked pics onsite somewhere. Really though, this girl was fun to tape, she kept me guessing as to what she and her people knew about me, and there was a pregnant woman who turned out to be a member of thier group, that became a bit of a little distraction for my cam, but the only thing that didn't come out perfect here was my shot of her sitting down. I knew that other shopper'd be right in the way at the exact wrong moment. Other than that, there's really nothing to complain about in this hot piece of tail, goodie packed video.
37 sec 6.31 Mb 395 sec 56.3 Mb 399 sec 62.4 Mb
Was she saying "Come on!" because she was in a hurry because I was behind her? And have I seen her before and decided not to tape her? I think so. I also thought this would somehow make a great preview vid for watermarking. It'd been suggested to me that I start watermarking pics period, and vids more, to get more traffic to blackstreetbbw. If you came here after seeing a pic with my URL on it, I got that idea from advice. Psyched out! 'Missed' with the shot above, and a good elevator entry shot, and didn't get another op for them, but the woman, and the rest of the video, are nice. Maybe my taste here was a little wierd, but I was more interested in the front view of these hips then the rear! You might have a tough time telling why because you don't agree, and because the view of her approach that stole me away from a titty vid I was making was a little bit short of perfection, and it was the only real chance at a frontal I had. Every other time she was turned the wrong[right] way. I was able to rreeaallyy close to her thanks to the crowding where she was going, so I tried to use the boob bouncing I discovered over her shoulder to spice things up a bit, but everything I tried to spice this vid up with, including my attempt to link the very end of this vid with footage a girl that appeared to be literally hiding from me behind some guys who seemed to have some idea of what I was doing and thought it was funny, came out flat. Well, not everything, 'cause the spicy thing I went for at 1:41 wasn't flat at all! Good thing this girl this video's about was sexy, and I could get REAL CLOSE to her!
27 sec 4.66 Mb 85 sec 9.08 Mb 167 sec 23.1 Mb
Should've taped her a little longer. What was I thinking? I was thinking 'maybe'. Striped Sock. Definition of hourglass. The little bit of pressure I was under making this vid shows when I put the cam away to make sure I didn't add the seafood department staff to the 'people in the know list'. That aside, I was really only thinking about particular employees, who btw, didn't get in the way of this, except in that I let this girl go to the registers with just her friends and not me, so I wouldn't have to worry about the employed enemies much in the first place. I made a little preview vid of this, but according to YouTube's new Insight feature, this video is very 'cold' does this mean that this video isn't as hot as I think it is? If it isn't, I defintely need you to tell me... although I think this girl's hourglass's so close to perfect that I'd tape her no matter what people said. I just need to know if hot she's no, 'cause I sure can't tell!
Back in July '08 my 'net buddy Jonas over at BBWSource ran a bbw webfind contest, and since I hadn't posted this on my paysite here yet, I made this my submission in hopes of winning $10 to put on my rent payment that ended up being late due to slightly short funds (Jonas and his blackstreetbbw blog posts helped me tremendously with that though!). Anyways the contest got cancelled due to a lack of participation, so now I'm having second thoughts about doing one myself... then again, maybe I still will since mine would be a CANDID contest.
27 sec 4.66 Mb 228 sec 37.8 Mb 31 sec 3.4 Mb
Nice Curve 1: Didn't get the early curvy part that would've made this hotness even hotter. Did she notice something funny about me? Don't know, but I know it influenced the way this video turned out. And then there was that girl with the rack that I was looking at. I didn't get the bouncing from her that I wanted, and couldn't do with her footage like I wanted because the brief part where I rediscovered her in the back of the store was a 'miss', so she doesn't get a vid even though she merits one. Look at the shape of her ass. You have to look as closely as possible because I was standing too close behind her in line and right after when I'd paid the other cashier for my stuff and was waiting to film her leaving. I wanted to make sure her interesting posterior was filling out enough of the field of view for the camera to go into 'darkness mode' so you could see the details, and I got that right. I didn't get the later following right so I missed the best view of her jiggle down the curb, but I did it in time to be there long enough to catch a little of her wiggle when we walked into the right light. It was a little funny how I decided to finish this clip because I walked out of the store behind them doin' the filmin' thing and I was holding my delicious cheesecake danish purchase and I was looking at that ass and that danish and had to decide which one had to wait! I left the danish, and my bag (can't wear a backpack into the store), AND my bicycle, in front of the convience store to pursue! Soo... this is one video where I'm glad it didn't go on too long before I'd have to leave or get suspicious, because I didn't want my property (especially my danish- psych![sike]) stolen! ...Funny, but somehow I thought I'd recorded this as two seperate ones instead of one whole file, but that's how it was recorded.
80 sec 12.3 Mb 86 sec 12.3 Mb 171 sec 20.6 Mb
I jumped off the librarian and on to this woman when I saw her because she reminded of this woman I was too dumb to tape about like a year prior or something. She was browsing through disks just like this with ass hanginig out even more than this because there was more (but not way more), and it was hanging out more. And of course she was young, thick and black, but she was looking for weight loss stuff. She picked up a video about women making thier butts smaller and I was like "Who told you you need that? You do NOT need that!" ...but I did need to tape her, and I didn't, so I taped this different girl 'in her stead' I didn't start soon enough really I think, but I was able to literally take a seat and enjoy doing it so it was all good. All I had to do was keep my leg out of the way while the cam was in my lap. So much thicker and hotter than I gave her credit for, but at least it's why I noticed her. I was thinking about making an arms video when I made this. Can you tell? Of course, I got that out of the way quickly so I'd have time to get all over her ass, which is what really made this video good. Well, my aim was off for a lot of that, so to me, what really made this video good is the butt-on-rail part that I made for an animated GIF.
58 sec 7.87 Mb 40 sec 7.88 Mb 399 sec 75.4 Mb

Another description that got too long. Especially for a four Section Video. Click here if you want to read it. Got seriously busted by a Wal-Mart staffer while doing what I knew was risky business and shooting this video. What did she say? I turned the audio up for you, so if you're a member then you can listen and find out! Let me know if I needed to turn it up higher. I was here to buy a wireless internet router to help me work with blackstreetbbw. I held out a little hope that with us having free cable in this building, maybe there'd be a chance I wasn't getting an internet connection because of my modem. One of my neighbors said someone upstairs was getting the internet for free, so I wanted to try it too. Knowing that I probably wasn't getting internet access because thier was a data trap on the cable line (meaning no free cable internet, only free cable) I made sure to come over here and confirm the return policy on this router I was buying... and to tape the cool bulgy shape of this woman. I got a bit more of a story to tell when I came back in here to return the router once I found out that my idea that I'd actually have to start paying for cable to get internet access was correct. Did you read the description of the next video (just to the left!) yet? Well, fresh after that busting that employee, who had an eye out for me, while I had one out for her, in a game of cat-and-mouse caught me from long range, told me so, and then notified a manager type person, who walked up one my while I was in the return line with router I was returning and the twenty-four pack of hot dogs I was buying. Of course she told me that if I didn't stop that I'd have to leave (which would be bad, because that two pounds of chicken hot dog meat was supposed to feed me for a while, and the money I'd spent on that router was rent money anyways, so I really did need it back!), and of course, while I was in that line, unable to tape women under those distant glaring Wal-Mart eyes, a woman with big titties and a low cut blouse would be walking briskly up and by, her fast movement really moving those boobs, and her distant starting point giving me plenty of time to wish I could tape her without getting kicked out of the store. But if that Wal-Mart bitch even saw me holding my camera, the show'd be over, and I'd leave the store hungry and broke. This is The Big Butt Video of the July 27th, 2008 update.
178 sec 27 Mb 25 sec 2.56 Mb 30 sec 3.84 Mb
Do you like this? I did, but I had something better to do than stay here taping her. I really shouldn't've put this in the Butts Section too, but I had to, with the way I worked the views. You hear those loud, laughing girls? I left this young lady, with a vid I could post unedited, to go help those girls. I'd just found the 75 cents they were looking on the floor for, but I guess whichever girl was responsible for losing it was dumber than they thought, because I hadn't found it on the floor where they were looking. Nope, I found it on the shelf. That means dumbo must've taken something off the shelf and put her money there like she was paying for it. There registers are over there honey, not over here. They were happy to get thier 75 cents back, and I was happy to see them happy over just 75 cents, but one thing I wonder- that you surely aren't wondering. Why the heck did I originally name this video 'goahead', when I gave it a temporary name in a rush? I watched the video to find out and everything, but I truly don't know. The curve of her exaggerates itself! I only made two raw vids of her, but I'd thought there was a third... but then it became sort of clear that there wasn't. You see that not-so-attractive fat girl I started on? I didn't want to give a video to someone like that, but it's because of her that I found this girl, so I didn't want to toss footage of someone like that, (That you should know by now if you've been around!) so I just put her stuff in here. I didn't make the following downish angles the way I'd planned on making them, so you get a good view but you don't see as much bubble bulge. Real funny... I just got a sense of Deja Vu while I was typing this description... like I'd already typed this video's description months ago... July 14th, 2008 update starts here.
8 sec 1.33 Mb 43 sec 6 Mb 148 sec 22.5 Mb
I had just checked out and was getting ready to get out when this enters the store! Fortunately I'd just finished paying when I saw her, so I could do that funny lookin u-turn right back into the store as the cashier turned to the next customer and I turned to my next phenom! I really think that little grocery bag helped lead to my almost-undoing, but I already had it so I couldn't just make it dissappear. I could hide it though, and that's what I did when we got to the laundry aisle, but maybe she saw me stash it. If I remember right (It took me a long time to write finally get to typing this description, and I didn't watch the video again, since I'd watched it a lot already before!), you can hear the rustle of plastic when I put it on the shelf. That laundry aisle footage felt a little akward to get, but I made it work, and work right. Except that I really needed to leave the store now, and she did look a little wary of me, like she knew I came back into the store just to follow her. I had a member or two join specifically for this video, and when one of them, who'd only purchased a one month membership, told me that's all he joined for, I actually made a quick edit version of it for him to watch on his birthday. If you're a member, I like you. See? Big butt, but ssbbw! A couple of videos I shot around this time had enough red in them to force my camera to readjust it's color balance, and this red hot one caught my eye first. It usually has to readjust for black, not red! If she'd been hotter still, I'd've taped her longer July 11th, 2008 update starts here.
312 sec 52.4 Mb 130 sec 22 Mb 48 sec 7.22 Mb
Got a good shot of grandma's buns when I helped her reach a cleaning product on the top shelf, and felt confident enough after doing that to get a good one from the floor. I wan't planning on taping her in line. What happened to the booty jiggle I thought I saw?! Taco Buns. July 7th, 2008 update starts here.
157 sec 24.2 Mb 15 sec 2.17 Mb 751 sec 71.8 Mb
Obviously not big enough to be a real blackstreetbbw girl or a real KFC girl, but since I'd never taped a girl at this Kentucky Fried Chicken and she had that poppin' panty thing goin' on, I was like 'why not?' It just means that the only Big Butt Video isn't a Big Butt Video. This is the Big Butts Video of Fourth of July '08 update. On my way home from the 'backup' Wal-Mart, still happy enough from shooting the previous video on my way out of there, I came across a grocery store I'd read about in the paper: Bottom Dollar Food. IT was almost closing time, and I decided it really couldn't hurt to go in there and see if the prices were as low as the newspaper'd suggested. Thier regular prices were okay, but they were having one of thier famous twenty for ten sales when I got there. Twenty items for ten bucks!? Awesome! Marked items with prices up to about $1.75 were marked all the way down to 5fifty cents. And then on top of that, I see this woman in here with her beau. His presence, and her face, made me not want to follow them around the store too much, when I found thier checking out time was coinciding with mine, I absolutely, positively had to make something fresh and hot for the site then. She looked a little mature, so kind of didn't want to shoot her face, but'm not that sure she was old, especially since her man was young looking. And look at her body! When she went to pay, I even wanted to film her breasts. I like how women look when they're working with items or furniture type things on thier chests. You all already know all about 'Ghetto Wal-Mart', the Wal-Mart I normally shoot at. This isn't it. I looked back at this sighting and said "So is this the kind of bbw I should expect from this Wal-Mart?" I love the way this video turned out because I really made the most of every part of it. I got all the front-on footage I wanted, including a hiccup, and the time I'd normally have been making distance footage was filled up by two other short videos that I came back from in time to give this video it's cool finish. There was a time in the video when the camera was on the floor aimed up straight enough for you to see my face that I was considering editing myself out and showing it to you, but that time was so short that nothing was lost, so I just saved[a lot of] time and edited that moment out completely. There were also little times when you can see a little bit of thigh bounce, and I repeated those, but not when I normally would've. I waited until the end to do the repeating and slow motion because a member emailed me over the slow motion, saying it takes something away from the video when I keep using it, so I witheld the slow reps 'till the end. You know, when the 'alarm' started going off at the end, my first thought was that it was because of me, but I don't know what that noise was. I let the video run an extra fraction of a second at the end so it could complete one more cycle. That extra instant made for a nice little audio effect when I transitioned to the repetition. Did the baby start crying because there was a bad man there shooting videos without permission? Member's only VIDCAPS!
33 sec 3.25 Mb 172 sec 25.9 Mb 339 sec 55.7 Mb
Kept trying and trying to perfect that 'looking down at the booty-go-round' shot as she walked. Saw that little hint of skin in the back and knew taping her was the right thing to do, even though you might've barely even noticed the skin that told me to start this because the hips thighs and view are what it really came out about. There she is on her cell, paying zero attention to me, and shorty girl's lookin' that good. Wow! At least I was making the right decision when I left a good woman I'd just discovered to tape this one.
94 sec 16.2 Mb 48 sec 7.69 Mb 46 sec 7.68 Mb

I feel like I really sacrificed the quality of this video and did it for all the wrong reasons! You should've seen the size of her ass! Of course you see it in the pic and the video, but you should've REALLY seen it there like I did! It was great, but RIGHT after the nice little beginning I saw this other girl and went after her with plans to come right back for this one. I found this woman here again just like I'd planned, but it was too late to make the video great. It wasn't too late to make her look suspicious of me though! Had to let her into the store without me and settle for a dark ending I tried to make work out clear. June 26th, 2008 update starts here. The reason I made this should be obvious, the reason she was laughing should not. Should I not have taped this? Probably not not! Do you remember this woman? That's who I first thought I was seeing! I was like WOW! What an upgrade! Of course it didn't take long for me to realize this was NOT the ex-manager from the old McDonald's job I used to have, that I'd remembered and taped several times. It took longer than it should have, but at least I realized it BEFORE I talked to her instead of after I did it! My brain cut on just in time for me to shake my head and realize that there's no way that woman, sexy as many of you tit lovers may have found her, could have gotten THAT SEXY! That's a better way for things to be, though, because that means there are TWO sexy women['looking like this'] out there instead of just one enhanced one! Look at the two women's faces though, and when you combine them along with the fact that the two women's skeleton's are the same sizes, you might understand how a man looking at the tits first (First saw her from her front) with my kind of optimism could've made my mistake. Regrets, regrets... do I have anything surrounding this that I could regret wasn't better...? Hmm... Oh yeah! I know! I wish she hadn't gotten ticked off over the size of the xmas crowd in the toys section so she'd've gone in with me, and I wish that first shot wasn't a tit-miss! I'd also want to say I wish I'd started after her sooner, but then again, I think my pursuit here was actually perfect, and I'm glad the starting distance didn't backfire and cause me to lose her!
135 sec 22.5 Mb 21 sec 4.04 Mb 172 sec 25.1 Mb
She did plenty of walking around and was pretty occupied with her son there, so I figured that if I stalked her good then left her alone, I'd come back with a great and risky (due to the following of her) vid, and get away with it scott-free. I like the way this one's raw file cuts look and sound. June 5th, 2008 update starts here. To me she looks almost mediocre... but she's not mediocre! She's good! And so are the angles and poses she gave me! I was so pleased with this up-close aimed-down shot I'd just gotten away with so smoothly that I actually laughed out loud, but I was speechless when I got away with twom mobile versions of it. By the time I stumbled across her at Halmark time I was like "Forget it. I got what I need and I don't need trouble, so I'll just show that I saw her in a different area, then leave her alone."
Yeah! I made a raw video of her that was postable alone!.
These VIDCAPS are for everyone! Non-members be happy!
The BIG ONE ends here!
Kinda remind you of someone? I saw this woman while I saw after the woman in the previous video, pointed the cam at her for just a few seconds- in case I had difficulty finding her again- and said "Now I know where I'm going when I finish this video!" There are really only about three things I can say about this woman that have nothing to do with her thinning hair. It was kind of cool watching her walk up the aisle, especially when she had to not-quite-squeeze past that shopping cart. I did some editing loops for parts where you could almost-sort-of see some bounce... and... This is the first Big Butts Section high-flying success story. What the heck does that mean? Well, I recently dreamed up a technique I call 'flying', and you'll see it done to just-about-perfection in this video. You'll know it when you see it. Let me know if you like it.
Sorry non-members, but these VIDCAPS are Member's only!
151 sec 23 Mb 318 sec 53.1 Mb 203 sec 36.5 Mb
Nice hourglass under that coat. Needed even more closeness shot than I got. Did she meet up with her friend at the store or in it? She was in my line, posing in my face, so... She so reminded me of the woman in 'I was aiming for that sexy thigh front bulge curve'.
157 sec 25.1 Mb 42 sec 4.25 Mb 24 sec 3.4 Mb
I squeezed this video into THREE different Site Sections because I was trying to push the Thighs and Large Sections up onto another page for this update, and was doing a lot of double and triple posting in the end to 'make up for' all unusually large ammount of single posting the BIG ONE started with. This white woman was a pretty exciting sight for me and any man that's into this kind of woman, but I wonder if my excitment in seeing her actually showed to bystanders because I actually got out of line to follow her, and I feel like the employee who chuckled as I went by him doing a hot shot was laughing at me. Oh well. He might've been laughing, but SHE was definately jiggling, and that's way more important! I was real excited to be following her, knowing she didn't suspect a thing the whole time, and because of the quality of the smaller parts of her motion, I was concerned at editing time about the potential impact losses that could have occurred when the video was finalized could have had. For reasons I only vaguely understand, some videos lose a much more noticable ammount of picture quality when edited then others, and they all end up with the same unpleasant (to me) audio difference. I didn't want to lose a single bit of pic quality here, so I was glad I could make a raw cut available, but having seen the nice full version final picture, I'm not sure I needed it. I think the full version is better, and it's got slow motion and played-with audio for you to enjoy, but you can be the judge of whether the portion covered raw was better raw.
I just look at this and wonder what it's like to come with built-in armrests. I wanted to post this as an .ASF, but the woman in the next video showed up and snatched my attention up while the camera was still rolling. Oh well. I was catching glare around that part anyway, so it was a fine time to end, and I'd gotten the close-ups and angles I needed sho 'nuff.Member's VIDCAPS! Burlington Sock. I called this video this because I was on a planned visit thru Burlington Coat Factory on my way to Wal-Mart, and because women's shirts like that remind me of socks with thier texture and fit.
337 sec 52 Mb 209 sec 22.4 Mb 72 sec 10.8 Mb
This video contains the longest single clip edit that I ever put on the editing timeline. That means that you get a whole whole lot of everything you get in this woman's xmas wait in a Burlington Coat Factory line with her husband. That clip portion ended when an employee checked on me since I'd been standing there near, but not in, line all that time. She just wanted to make sure I was okay and didn't need anything, but thanks to her I had to edit this video and make a break there. The dividing thing also got in the way a little, but I got over that plenty easy enough. There's enough stillness in every movement that it didn't take long for me to realize this would look fantastic in fast forward, so I made a silent fast forward version for those of you who bore easily, and the regular version, for those of you who drool at the screen longer! Do you remember when I promised to bring you a better video of this worker? Well, here it is, fast and erotic! She and her coworker were on break, so they could waste no time getting to the break room! The subject woman remarked on fast her friend was making her go. "But this is a little easier for you. I got all this." she said as she slapped her rear. Her buddy then happened to look to the rear and see me, causing her to look back too. The looks they gave me weren't 100% nice, but since they were already almost at a run, I guess they figured they could just zoom along now that they were almost at the door. I didn't need to follow them anymore since I'd look way too much like I was pursuing them, with the speed I had to match, and besides, she didn't catch me before my cam caught her slappig her big, fat ass! You can even hear it! Slap slap slap! Yes! A big, huge, perfectly round butt, and a jiggle alert! It was time to make a really hot video! It does seem that all too often, the woman with the big ass is the leader of her group, so the others with her trail her directly, as opposed to walking beside her, and really get in my way. Now, a perv like me should be following directly behind her, but her own party members? I still got this video down and done right, true, but I wish that wouldn't happen so often. The effort that went into doing this one right must've been apparrent to her too, not just us, because I think one of them laughed aloud at the idea I was following them to view that wiggly booty in that dress.
426 sec 64.8 Mb 42 sec 5.87 Mb 138 sec 23.6 Mb
The big booty jiggle and pantyline special was happening in this video, so if you don't see it in the pic, you will in the vid! I think she didn't want me behind her all that much, and that it would've been much more worth the risk if she'd been bigger still, so just in case some everyone won't love this video as much as I think they will, I cut away from her once we got across the store. I had the best of the goods then anyway. This is usually why women wear belts! Look at what that belt's doing to her! She's got hips wider than her shoulders, and a tight waist- with a belt to enhance the appearance of the sexy curves that already need no enhancement! Sadly, the high level of risk I was undertaking trying to tape her killed off a lot of the footage I was supposed to be coming back with, or that was supposed to come back hot. You get to see what you want though, for sure! I just wish that Wal-Mart'd had stamps, because she got out of line when she found out they didn't carry them in the register, but then she went back into the store, and somehow things only managed to get more challenging. When she was in line, I spent a lot of my time hiding and waiting for her to move up a little. Then I could get a good angle shot of her front and her rear without coming out of 'hiding'. In the aisles though, I just didn't quite get all of what I wanted, and she moved around a little too much for me. I didn't fail at taping her, but I'd set some high standards for this one, then gone weak on the follow through. If she'd stayed in line a little longer though, she'd've at least still been up there with her friend by the time I made my next, and slower, pass behind her I was going to do. Hag with a wiggly one.
189 sec 28.1 Mb 216 sec 32.7 Mb 153 sec 24.9 Mb
For some dumb reason, I couldn't bring myself to enter the store! Why?! Instead, I shot her in the mirror, which was cool, but still! Why?! It's not like she glared at me or anything! Just what you see buying a xmas present in the game store. Angle was important with this one, in my opinion. Wide ass white woman who's video still needed editing, despite it's nicely planned and executed beginning.
101 sec 18.3 Mb 46 sec 7.72 Mb 218 sec 43.3 Mb
If you pay close attention you will see what's good clean through her coat as if you had x-ray vision. If you don't, you won't. You also won't if your video player can't play .ASF files, so make sure you use Windows Media Player, or some other player that can! This mature's really lookin' good in that aprony pouchy thing she's wearing. I might've come back with a little more footage, but this guy in line was making me uneasy. I think he was probably just trying to tell if I was in line or not (I wasn't), but still. I was glad when he turned his attention back to the thing he was holding, but I still thought I'd probably shot enough of this one. Caution is good when filming employees, especially since I still don't know for sure who knows what I do in here and who doesn't know yet. Even though I was worried, and put off by the way she surprised me by walking right up to an employee to ask him for assistance- since I was behind her, that meant he was facing me- the second half of this cheeky vid still turned out to truly be the better half. Don't skip the first half, though!
71 sec 9.53 Mb 73 sec 10.1 Mb 74 sec 11.8 Mb
This jello booty is even bigger and rounder than it looks! Seriously, I couldn't find that perfect frame to use that would properly capture her be-ooty for you to see above! To make it even better (I think) I was able to post it just like I shot it, and I actually remember the effort that went into making it came out that way. Not exactly sure how this happened exactly, but she caught some pretty bad vibes and made off in a hurry, and since I'd just managed to squeeze off the shots I'd gone for I decided the very best thing to do was let her go. Too bad it didn't look like that to her. Her sighting was kind of one of the weirdest feeling ones I've been through because most of it happened after the video ended: I had truly stopped taping her, but I just kept running across her while prowling the store for more subjects. She was all over the store! No matter where I went I kept managing to unnerve her. I knew she was watching out for me and I was sincerely trying to just leave her alone. About five times I moved a lot further through the store than I planned because I saw her when I got near my next in-store destination and didn't want her to go off or something. Then I'd alter my path to avoid passing her on the way back only to find she'd moved right into it. Oh well. I still wasn't going to do the idiot/suicide thing and start taping her again. Thought that following this nice-ey shape a little was the right thing to do, then I picked up a trace of suspicion and thought that stopping was the right thing to do. Can you taste the hint of cellulite jiggle here that that annoying girl who kept me from getting too close, halfway got in the way of?
163 sec 24.1 Mb 48 sec 6.97 Mb 66 sec 11.3 Mb
This angle is what I wanted, but it's not what I got. As you'll soon see, though, I did make the most of my position during the chase, and I think the angles I got are the ones you guys probably wanted most anyway. As far as editing and not editing goes, I kind of shot this one 'borderline' with teeny tiny bits of me of in it. Of course, that's not me she turns to talk to at the end, though. That turn kind of bothered me because it took her out of the desirable lean she was doing. The other thing I felt like writing on here about this clip'send was that I thought I'd shot this tiny raw vid as a final glance, but maybe I didn't stop the recording and made the final look you see at the very end of this clip is that part. Silly girls trying to make using an ATM machine look difficult. The part of this video that actually SHOULD be hard to understand is how, on such a great night for me, I could actually see that nice curvy girl there and take as long as I took to start taping her. My first sight of her was almost nothing but her nice ass curving around the corner and it still took me a minute to get on taping her. Well, at least I did it and did it in time to snag all those fast shots of her leaning on the baskets. Quit this video while I was ahead with it's quality, and could still post it without editing it out of the .ASF format it's in.
76 sec 9.44 Mb 64 sec 10.3 Mb 24 sec 2.68 Mb
It's the pattern-on-skirt-serving-as-a-booty-jiggle-magnifier phenomenon happening again! Don't forget to look at her sexy thigh shape though! I didn't! Look at that when you watch this video the first time, because you can go back over and look at the booty jiggle again(and again!) when you watch the slomo version below for members. Eventually thought "What the heck. May as well." I was aiming for that sexy thigh front bulge curve, 'cause I was gonna get some booty out of this .ASF video no matter how I aimed or where that boy stood.
70 sec 10.8 Mb 29 sec 4.42 Mb 33 sec 4.86 Mb

I have to say something about the beginning of this video. Yes, that guy they're joking about is me! She's older than she may look to some of you, (she has two teenage daughters) although I've heard some people say she looked old to them, and she was in the middle of telling some kind of joke about younger men when I walked up, so she used me. And I'd walked up thinking I'd be the one using HER! I only wish the audio came in clearer, because this is the first clip of the Booty Queen where you get to hear her talk. In fact, I'd really never even really heard her talk myself until this, so you weren't really missing a lot of her speech in her classic silent videos. You get to hear her laugh and talk, and you get to hear her name, too I wasn't sure at the time if that was her name or one of the names of one of the other women there, but now that I know her a little better I know that's her name. I won't tell you many other details about she and I so don't ask! But yeah, I could've taped her a little more seriously at the time, but some talk did hold me back. First of all, it was just a little difficult taping a woman that was laughing about me, and second, one of the women she was talking to looked just like one of the women that had been talking to the 'young woman who dethroned her as the booty queen' in the clip on the other side of this row, so something that was probably just paranoia told me that woman might be telling her what I was up to. So that, along with my camera's case being a little in the way at times, and the fact that even though today was a totally different day she was wearing the exact same outfit she'd worn in the McDonald's clip from before, all lowered the quality of this video a little bit. The ending was a little crazy because she and the other big booty woman and a bbw from another clip were all in line with me at the same time and that kind of caused me to spaz after everything that'd happened to me on this wonderful night and that fact, along with the fact that she got through with paying for her groceries almost as soon as I finally really got near her after I getting a frontal shot added two more minor let-downs, but those were EASILY made up for by the things that really needed to be on my tape that finally got that way- her voice and her wiggling as she walked and I followed.
I was on a [BOOTY!]roll, but I was in trouble and short on time. And she was wearing all black. I think having a small portion of the field covered by the camera's disguise actually helped a lot in ensuring this short-but-sweet Hip Video had proper contrast for optmial viewing quality (for this camera). Something told me tonight was going to be good. No, really, I really really did have a great feeling about tonight, and that's what ultimately got me to drag myself out of the house on a slow day and go all the way down to the Wal-Mart. I asked the universe if I would find a woman tonight that would dethrone the 'Booty Queen' and make my trip to Wal-Mart when I didn't even really need any groceries worth it... and the answer was... I'd actually get to SEE the boothy queen being dethroned! I saw her tonight right after this woman here who looks like she might beat her. "Wow! It looks like the Booty Queen's been beaten!" I said to myself. There I was in the store, not knowing what to expect before the night was out, when I looked over there... Icing on the cake! And she was approaching me head on from all the way over there, so unlike most Big Thigh Videos where the woman looks really great walking up to me, but I have to struggle and struggle to actually get a good look of that on tape, here I was getting my frontal shot guaranteed right now! The icing has icing!
As for what actually happens in this video, I think all it's files pretty much explain it, so if you're a member right now you can just download everything you need to see and know about this video right now... except for the part that you wouldn't know without my telling you- the aftermath.
I'd seen her and said "I don't care what the risk, I'm going to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make a MOVIE LENGTH FILE out of this one!" Well, it's obvious that I fell pretty far short of the 1000 second mark, but my determination to reach it ought to show through pretty well. When all was said and done I'd been very badly busted. On the way out of the store I saw my least favorite Wal-Mart sight- the security truck. For some reason, whether he sees me or not, I usually can get out of the store without seeing him, but I seldom can get IN without walking right past the guy in his truck, unless he's talking to somebody or something, and that's what it looked like he was doing as I left- talking to this girl that had busted me so bad. "Oh shit!" I said to myself when I looked back over my shoulder and saw that the security truck, which pulled up right as I walked out, wasn't patrolling at the moment. The truck had pulled up right in front of the girl! Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure she decided to say something to the driver given the circumstances.
Up until this point I believed that the Wal-Mart associates who were suspicious of my behvaior all thought I was shoplifting batteries, because that's all I ever heard or was led to believe. But I never stole a single battery or anything else from here because you can't steal from a store you have to keep coming back to, so I figured I was okay. Now I know for a fact that some of the associates know EXACTLY what I'm doing in the sotre that makes me look a little suspicious. The very next time I came to this Wal-Mart after shooting this video I went to the site-to-store area water fountain, and little bird flew up to me and chirped "Those girls are looking at you because they heard what you do!". As soon as the little imaginary bird had alighted and dissappeared one of those female workers laughed and said "Don't take no pictures of women's butts today."
192 sec 30.8 Mb 40 sec 7.59 Mb 585 sec 91 Mb
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